College Library

The Library of Baba Budha College is adequately rich in its collection of books and literatures catering to most of the branches of knowledge especially in commerce, management studies, science, language studies and computer application. The college offers a well-equipped, high-tech computerized library in the well-lightning and ventilated building. There is a collection of more than 3,500 books, 5 national & international journals, 10 popular magazines and 6 newspapers in the Library.

It has a seating capacity of about 150 students at a time. This Library provides ultramodern furniture and Wi-Fi connectivity. The facility of national e-library has been introduced to promote effective reading habits.

The college wants to encourage reading habits among the students through proper use of library which can play an important role in improving the knowledge level of students. A library is fundamental to the design, implementation and attainment of educational excellence. It also helps in gaining information, pleasure, passing examinations and personal growth through lifelong learning. It has an adequate number of technical, text and reference books in various disciplines of studies.