The college organizes an orientation programme before the commencement of its academic session. This introduces the incoming students to various programmes, activities, facilities and the values of the institution.


There is a very active Community Service Cell in the college, that helps to inculcate the spirit of service and civic values among the students. Visits to Orphanage and Old Age Home, Mental Hospital and institute for the Deaf and Dumb and to the Women Inmates of the Local Jail are organized from time to time. Several times, festivals are celebrated with the inmates. The students make collections in kind and cash to share with the inmates. Students are also sensitized to various national problems and are given training to serve society with a human touch in the time of emergency. 


During the time of admission, this cell helps the students by acquainting them with the programmes and courses available in the college and facilitates them in making decisions and choices for their future. The work of this cell is to offer insight, guidance and support to help students understand and manage different career issues.


Under the aegis of WEF (Women Empowerment Forum), the college sensitizes women about their status and identity, coping strategies for their dual role and to become more self-reliant. The forum, through lectures by women of eminence, tries to lift women out of the submissive/ subordinator’s image and prepares them to live with dignity, facing the challenges of the patriarchal system.


We are thankful to Baba Budha College Managing Committee, their valued guidance and inspiration. We acknowledge the role of UGC, GNDU which have encouraged us to start job oriented courses in this institution to increase employability of the students in various fields. The GNDU administrative hierarchy is always promptly supportive and we are indebted to them also.